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Drinking Wine

Tasting Basics

Do you know why we look, swirl, and smell, before tasting a wine?  Do you know what aromas and flavors you might experience and why? In this session we will break it all down and make sense of it all so you can easily taste like a pro anywhere you go!

This experience lasts two to three hours. Contact me for pricing and availability!

Glass of Red Wine

Varietal and Regional Explorations

Do you always buy wines specifically because of the grape variety? Or maybe you choose wines based on where they come from.

If it's a specific grape you're interested in, I will pick several bottles of the same varietal  from different regions all over the world and we'll discuss why they might taste very similar or drastically different.  Winemaking techniques, different soils, elevations, sun exposure, and so much more produce these differences and we'll discuss how and why.

On the other hand, maybe you'd like a more broad knowledge of the wines from a whole country or you might want to fine tune your palate with wines from an area as small as an AVA. I can bring wines that really showcase countries, regions, or AVA's, and help you understand how and why these regions can differ so much.

These experiences last two to three hours with a four person minimum.

Contact me for pricing and availability.

Dinner Party

Wine and Food Pairing Dinners

For this experience I will collaborate with a private chef to create a menu based on your favorite foods and/or wines. During this meal we will discuss why some foods go well with some wines and others don't. We can structure this around a three to five course dinner or we can arrange a tapas style experience.

These experiences last two to three hours are limited to four to twelve people.

Contact me for pricing and availability!

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